Caileigh's Birthday at Campuestohan

6:29 PM

Caileigh loves to swim and to wander around in a playground. Which is why on her third birthday, it made sense to bring her to the mountains.

Campuestohan is a well known inland resort in Negros Occidental. Strategically built at the foot of a mountain, high enough to experience lower temperatures and feel the clouds when they sometimes pass by. It is very popular for family outings and such as they have two huge playgrounds for the kids, challenging activities (zip line, obstacle course, hanging bicycle rides, etc) for the adults, and two separate swimming pools for everyone.

A gigantic and very mad gorilla with the beautiful mountains behind him. We were blessed to visit Campuestohan on a sunny day. The last time we went there, it rained and it was too foggy as the clouds were really low that time. It was good hanging out under the sun this time.

The resort is also constructing a wave pool and new activity areas. You can see a portion of it behind us.

 Father and daughter having a "moment". They're so sweet.

Caileigh making it clear that she doesn't want to be in any of the photos.

 CJ playing with my phone's front camera and monopod. You can see his selfie photos here.

A little miracle, she smiled for the camera! 

 Oh well, typical Caileigh.


Caileigh and I went for a swim but we got out after about 15 minutes because the water was too cold. Bbrrrrr

They call this the Cable Hamster Wheel, the first on its kind and the only existing one in the whole world. You have to roll the circular cage by walking on it, like how a hamsters would, while having a view of the whole resort from a higher perspective.


Ending this post with a panoramic view of the resort. Click to enlarge.


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  1. OMG it looks so cool there! Haha. A playground in the mountain! Glad you had fun with your husband and daughter! :)

  2. The place looks pretty! Glad you guys had so much fun together <3


  3. The place looks awesome, Kat. Made me feel and get excited for the summer days. I also love the gorilla shot. Hope it doesn't move from it's place and chases us. Haha.

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