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because we love to eat and explore the wonders of Asian cuisine, we gave Tamarind a try. It's a thai restaurant than opened a few months ago which I find to be very, visually, inviting. So with our hungry selves and craving for anything spicy, we went there earlier this day.

The place was cozy. I was expecting more costumers but it was fine that we somehow seemed to "own" the place :)) I chose the dishes for CJ and picked Red Beef Curry (that was very yummy), Stir Fried Noodles with Chinese Sausages, and Thai Iced Tea.

Green on purple! and the lovely Thai Iced Tea that was probably brewed from the heavens :))

The Red Beef Curry! Sorry the aroma was so inviting we immediately ate it. I thought the serving was too small for two but with the spiciness, I think it was just the right proportion. 
We joked, sabaw pa lang ulam na.

They served rice in these cute bowls! We had three and it was more than enough. it was a little expensive though (30php per serving)

The flavorful stir fried noodles! we love bean sprouts and we were so happy that they had it in the noodles XD also sorry for the silly focusing. I was too excited to eat the dish.

The meal was a so-so. The highlights would be the beef curry and the Thai iced tea. This isn't really a depth review because we only ordered two dishes :)
Are we going back? I'd say, maybe... but not in the distant future. Maybe when we have nowhere else to go to. While inside the restaurant I saw the newly opened Moon Cafe. We have that in Iloilo but now that's here in Bacolod, I'm definitely going to take CJ there. Mexian food na naman!

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