Different Levels of Boredom

3:47 AM

shameless self portrait. I guess there's really nothing else but boredom that inspired me to do this.
This is Terry Richardson in colored. He's my peg for the over-exposed photos. I felt a little pang of hurt when I saw my photos too bright but for Terry, okay, I'll do it.
btw, I edited the photos on my laptop and the brightness was on a satisfying level but when I opened the photos on a PC, they looked over done to me. I asked a friends on tumblr to give me some feedback because I had doubts that maybe it was just on the monitor that we're using and most of them said that the photos look okay, so just leave me a comment if the photos are too painful to look at. Thanks! xx

sorry for all the annoying hair grabbing. Anyway, Christmas is nearing!!! 

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