5:59 PM

Freeeee day! Spent it watching movies with the boyfriend :) He and his brother went out to run errands and I was watching Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen went they were back. Surprisingly, they joined me until the movie was finished. oh hello, young Megan Fox! We then watched The Devil Wears Prada and about 1/8th of Julie and Julia (I just wanted to show CJ how Miranda and Nigel in TDWP ended up as husband-and-wife in J&J). A friend came by and the boys had their inuman session and I was left with nothing but to play Sims Social on Facebook. Just done finalizing my procedure form for my IV Therapy Training -and the boys are still drinking - so I doodled on my hand again. I love paisleys!

dirty fat dog. curious as always.
also, my laptop is slowing dying. The adapter got busted and it is now wrapped in packing tape just to support it temporarily :|

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