8:25 PM

I hate this day. Prioritized things that I shouldn't be bothering and I had to postpone a shoot for the 3rd time :| Not sure if this is because I'm getting anxious with my IV Therapy completion duty this Wednesday (will prick veins the whole day) or that my body is still too tired since I was up for 30 hours yesterday. I wasn't even feeling a bit sleepy but I had to force my self to sleep. To those who are having the same sleeping problem, close your eyes and try to keep yourself awake. Not sure how the body takes it but it is super effective! I dozed off in less than 30 minutes.

Also, I'm pissed over something but fvk it. I shouldn't let negative vibes eat me now that I have to prepare myself for Wednesday.
Toy soldier that I got the boyfriend from my trip to Wales

the boss
cheap shirts!

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