Truth is, No One is Bullyproof

9:02 AM

About a quarter of my life was spent and shared online. I've been into social networking since secondary school. I can remember that I had about four Friendster accounts because I was that friendly to people. My boyfriend would even joke and call me, "Miss Congeniality". But maybe no matter how much we try to reach-out and build friendship with random, bogus, online users, there's is no assurance that they will reciprocate that goodness that we show.
       I am no stranger to cyber bullying. I used to bully someone but maybe it was because of my teenage angst. I was immature and I found satisfaction in trolling people who couldn't even identify the difference between their and they're. Until about two years ago when a common-friend-slash-internet-buddy did it to me. She was in the contact list of each of my online accounts. Everything was fine between us and I had never seen it coming. She said very mean things indirectly and in some of her statements I found out that she was talking about me. I was guilty on some of her accuses but I never really had any idea why she had to tag along issues regarding my family and things that I never knew where she got. She took things personally and until now I'm not sure where all her anger came from. I tried to ignore everything though I must admit that I was hurt. I tried to send messages to confront her but I never had the guts. Maybe it was just my pride knowing that she was the one who started the fight. And so anyway, the issue has passed, we both grew up, and in some way, we started to talk to each other again.
          Yesterday, someone tried to do the same things to me again. I posted an artwork and someone mentioned that it looked like someone else's drawing. I answered the Tumblr Ask stating that what I've just posted was just a rendition of an old work. I didn't mean any harm and I never read the comment as an accusation until someone send me loads of hate mails. I felt like I was a Bb. Pilipinas contestant answering a question from a judge and have just realized that I uttered the wrong words. I wish I could explain further what I meant but it was too late because people already started to criticize me. One said that I was implying that she, the other blogger who had an artwork that was somewhat alike with mine, was copying me. Then another message saying that I've changed. I ignored the TA's because I know where it would lead to. That same anonymous bombarded me with questions saying that I'm chicken shit, a coward bitch (and other curses that I was never called before) for not publishing her TA's on my blog. Thanks to my Psychology lessons that I learned that the best intervention for people displaying such behavior is to ignore them. I disabled anonymous sending so I can shove unto their faces that I am in control of my blog. Good for them that I was having a good day. I never considered them as a threat, not even a pinch in my feelings until earlier today.
          It is true that no one is bully-proof. No one is safe. Even the gentlest child is vulnerable to such negativity. We can't prevent people from victimizing us but certainly we can prevent them from hurting us. It's all about choosing the right defense mechanism to use. Bullying happens everywhere. Like right now, we are bullied by the government who are supposed to be the ones protecting us against opportunistic capitalists. But that's a different story and I will let the others who are well-informed than I am tackle that. It's all up to us if we submit ourselves to such or to act against it. Show them that they're not in control of your life but at the same time do not feed them with attention. Be strong. Cry a little but learn from your pain. To bullies out there, I know why you're doing this. You feel power, satisfaction, but after that, what? There's nothing that you can earn from throwing stones and telling tall tales. Remember, what comes around, turns around. Don't worry, I don't hate you anon. I truly understand why you must channel your insecurities towards me. Considering how lonely your life must be, you made me feel thankful for all the blessings that I have. I wish you good life and may all your wishes come true. Just like a birthday wish that you would often receive on your day. :)

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