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The problem with me cleaning up my apps is that I would then browse for new ones and once again clog-up my iPod. I was browsing through photography apps and I happen to stumble upon PictureShow. Seeing how interesting the description, screenshots, and reviews, I bought it for .50p (British Pounds). Thanks to my mom because she allowed me to use her itunes account to buy iPod apps! :) :) :)

This was the very first photo that I produced out of the app. You can choose to either take a new photo or edit an existing one from your albums. I thought it would work like Hipstamatic where you get to choose your gears and such beforehand but it was the other way around. You take a raw photo and you can edit it afterwards. There's a wide variety of frames, light streaks, noises, and you can adjust the colors, brightness and contrast, or use the tilt-shift function and HDR. I thought that was all it was about until I accidentally slid my thumb down the screen and I discovered that you can also change the film types or have the app randomize the settings for a more whimsical effect. I swear I had myself hooked to the app that I couldn't stop taking photos afterwards. Here are a few shots that I was able to produce using the app:


Original Size

Extra Large

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  1. Wow ultra cool! Instant artsy farsty. It's for ipod lang?

  2. it's really a cool app! Even better than hipstamatic because you have more control on how the photo will end up. :) The app will also work best on iPhone4. A few features won't work on 3G/s like diptych but I rarely use it anyway. Go and try it out. Definitely worth $.99! :D


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