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We were blessed with a good sunny weather on our second day so we geared up for Snowdonia National Park where the ever famous Snowdon is. It is the highest mountain in Wales and the second in United Kingdom next to that in Scotland.

We past by this beautiful river on our way to Snowdon Railway.
Since it was a good sunny morning in Wales, the railway up to Snowdon was so popular that all the trips for that day were fully booked. A trains goes up and down the mountain every 30 minutes carrying around 50 tourists per trip. Good thing we had our ticket reservations a day before. :)

with my mom on board the Snowdon Railway. The train was actually operated by a steam engine which I find cool since they still get to use machineries from earlier decades.

The view going up was just wonderful. 
A lake up the mountains! 
Took this photo when we were almost near the summit. Here, you can see the previous station and the railway.
The summit was so high that we were literally with the clouds. It was so cold up there that I was unintentionally shivering. It felt like we were surrounded by hydrated smoke making the whole surrounding look opaque.
What we did was to wait for the wind to blow the clouds away and take photos to the beautiful scenery below.
The steps to the summit. There is a cafe somewhere in my right when I took this photo. A hot coffee or a cup of tea would help warm you up. :)
On our way down, an aerial ambulance was waiting for our train since there was a passenger on board that had a difficulty in breathing. 

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