LDN with Jenny

5:13 AM

Oct. 29, 2010
Went to London to meet the lovely Jenny. Meet her in tumblr who by, awesome, coincidence is from my hometown and is also here in England.

We tried the London Dungeon but the queue went on for an hour an a quarter even with our priority tickets!!!
But it was just okay as it gave us ample time to talk about ourselves and certain things. The dungeon was great though I would have wanted for more scary antics and such. Jen was so jumpy and we both screamed by crazy kittens. :)) We went to this chamber where they used to sentence criminals in the old times. The judge suddenly appeared from the second floor of the chamber and that made Jenny jump. We were both laughing while the mini-show started so this guy called us to walk up into the platform. He said that we're witches and the judge sentenced us to be drowned in the river. :)) good thing it wasn't real. hahaha!

After an awesome experience at the dungeon, we then headed to China Town for lunch. We had Chinese buffet then Jenny bought some Filipino stuff for her family.

Running out of time, we went to Oxford Circus for a bit of shopping. We planned to buy matching rings and Oxford St. was just the right place. We went to H&M first but there was none so we tried Topshop... and surprisingly, everything was there! :)) I got a ring and a bracelet. We were lost in an ocean of accessories with a school of fish (shoppers). Running out of time, we chose an item that has four rings in it. I jokingly said that one would be our engagement ring, the other our wedding ring, our eternity ring, and lastly, our friendship ring. Jen liked it too so we bought it. :)

After that we bid farewell as we rode different trains home. Our meet-up was so bitin. And we weren't able to do a photowalk due to time constraints. But nonetheless, I really enjoyed walking around with Jen. She's really more than just a pretty face. I adore her for being so mature and responsible at such a young age. I love her to bits and if given another chance, I'd be more than glad to spend some more time with her again.

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