Wales: Day 1

7:02 AM

Taking full advantage of the sun for a quick photo at the castle grounds.

We went to Wales this 21st of September for my parent's anniversary. They were supposed to go on their own but since they can't leave me somewhere else, they decided to tag me along.

We stayed at the Boddelwyden Castle hotel during the entire trip and man, that place was heaving with old people like when you get inside their restaurant, all that you can see is a mile-long of grey-haired heads. The place was for "old" people and youngsters 21 and below weren't allowed. I was lucky enough that I just turned 22 a few days before the trip but since I don't really look like my age, I had to wear mature clothing during meals where everyone dines.

 After more or less five hours of driving, we've finally reached Wales. The country was said to be very susceptible to rain but I guess we got lucky since it was all sunny when we got there. After settling on our rooms at the hotel, we headed to the beach... and it was my first time to see the shores of United Kingdom.

It was only five in the afternoon when we set set foot there so I wasn't able to take a photo of the sunset. I had a tripod with me as I was expecting that sort of beach that we have in the Philippines... with beautiful waves racing towards the shore. But this was what I saw...
Unfortunately, the tides were low when we got there so the whole place looked like a moist dessert. 

But despite my frustration, I enjoyed our time promenading along the shore. Peter was so happy since it has been months since he last saw the ocean. 

took pictures of mom's footprints.
The clouds looked beautiful that day though I wished for a sunset. but it's alright.. I had fun anyway. :)

On our way back to the parking lot, we saw these Tudor-house-inspired modern houses which were unfortunately damaged from a recent fire incident. I was joking that maybe someone was so cold that he decided to burn his house to warm it up.

We then headed back to the hotel and had supper. The hotel has a wi-fi on their reception and since my room was just across the main building, I had the pleasure to enjoy the free service at the comforts of my bed. :)

A photo with my mom just after our breakfast. This is actually already a part of Day 2 but I decided to include them here since it's gonna be a long blog for the succeeding post. :)

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  1. wow!! i so envy you sis. id Love to visit the castLe!!! its funny that u had to wear mature cLothing. hahaa :D


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