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Have you ever experienced a heart ache? Where your chest seems to be on fire and there's nothing else that you can do but crawl up in your bed and cry your self out? Well, because I've been feeling that way for almost a week and a half already though I'm somehow thankful that it's not because of some love-related issue. I've been having intermittent heart burns for a few days and I somehow thought that it would just pass by not until three days ago when I had this really painful heart burn + stomach ache that lasted for about 12 hours. It was the most physiologically painful experience that I've ever had.

It all started during my mom's birthday. We went to Woburn Safari and had a big lunch at their cafeteria. The food here (in England) are served in larger quantities that in the Philippines, and for a hyper-acidic person like me, it's just like pouring oil into fire. Come supper and we had this dinner at a Chinese Restaurant. It was my first time to have a Peking Duck so I really had a lot of it. I even had a very acidic punch that night. Then after a few hours after the celebration, I started to feel the consequences of my bingeing. My stomach started to ache, like its burning deep inside that I can almost feel the sourness of my gastric acids. I tried to sleep it off thinking that it was just a minor acid attack, but I was wrong. I lasted for a few more hours, that I started to panic with the pain. I grabbed a fresh carrot from the kitchen because I know that it can somehow neutralize too much gastric acid. but still, the pain kept going on. I wanted to wake my parents up, but I hesitated thinking that my mom needed a well deserved sleep, it was her birthday after all. So, I called my boyfriend. It was about eight in the morning in the Philippines when I did. I don't know why, but he can me feel relaxed even if I am already very agitated. He asked me take a risk: to drink a cup of milk. Milk can give immediate relief to acid attacks but since it's acid in nature, it will only make the pain worse after a few minutes. So desperate as I am, I had a cup of it and yes, the pain subsided a bit. I had a chat with him for quite a while already when the pain started to start again. I felt severely so I (excuse me for my words) vomited half of my supper, along with the carrots that I had. It was very disgusting but I knew that it was somehow the only thing that I can do to stop the pain from coming back. and true indeed, that pain didn't come back.

Hard headed as I am, I started to drink pepsi the following day, and the same thing happened the following night only that it wasn't that painful as the night before. I had managed to sleep it off. The next day, I did the same thing again. but at that time, I had to force everything out so as to stop my gastric pains. Night after night I've been like a bulimic teenager. Today my stomach was acting fine, tomorrow night, I'll be at the bathroom throwing up. I felt really sick of what I've been doing so I bought this medicine from the grocery one day. It contained calcium carbonate and says that it's "a fast, soothing, and long lasting relief from pain and discomfort brought about by heartburn and acid indigestion". I thought I'd be fine with it. So I took this medication every night. Everything was then under control.

UNTIL, I then again had this really huge lunch from a Chinese restaurant. I didn't have anything for breakfast so perhaps it was reasonable enough for me to eat too much at lunch, and also reasonable enough for my stomach to act up again. I had a few tablespoons of the medicine and I thought I was already fine. The following day, my step-brother came over with his son. We went to this park and I came home a little exhausted though I pretty much didn't do anything. I had a can of soda and I totally forgot about my hyper-acidity until I started to have attacks again just before I finished the entire can. I took the medicine, the pain's gone, I was feeling fine. Later that night was then my most painful experience. I had stomach aches and heart burn at once. My epigastric area was really burning same as with my chest that the pain is somehow radiating into my back. I took the meds but did nothing. I threw up but the pain was still there. I took another dose of the meds again but it only gave me temporary relief. I had a chat with my CJ on FB, and it somehow helped me divert the pain. When CJ logged out, I was still fully awake in the middle of the night. I threw up again, for the second time, and somehow the pain subsided but it was still there. I watched a couple of episodes of Naruto just to divert the pain but it never faded. My eyes were already feeling tired so I think I slept through everything. I was somehow thankful that I had managed to sleep despite all the pain that I've been feeling. (chos) but what somehow amazed me was that the pain was still there when I woke up. I was really amazed at how persistent my condition was. I was more curious then. I even asked myself what if what I've been feeling is already caused by a gastric cancer. I was a hypochondriac for a while because if cancer was that painful, I can surely carry on with it. I even managed to sleep through that pain so I guess I can tolerate a pain, if it was indeed cancer. But I somehow wished that it wasn't cancer. The annoying thing was, my mom kept on feeding me. She cooked me a carrot soup earlier that morning, then she woke me up again to give me toast with poked eggs. I didn't eat half of any of those meals since I know that eating too much would just trigger the pain. At lunch she fed with me a (foul smelling) fish w/ veg. I only ate half of it as I really didn't have to appetite to finish everything. Thankfully, the pain somehow subsided. and I really appreciated my mom's concern, somehow. :)
MORAL LESSON: Eat Moderately. 
I've written so much that I don't even know where to end this. So, uhm, yeah. I've been eating moderately for three days and so far I haven't experienced any stomach upset yet. I haven't had a soda since then. I haven't eaten too much. and I temporarily stopped taking my self-prescribed medication because it made me constipated to death after that day. (adverse effect of the drug. thankfully it couldn't cause more than that, and bone pains).


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  1. hope ur ok now k but yer shots are effin hot..nice! now, tell me, vain much? X3


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