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Look what they got me today :)
I wanted to choose to f/1.8 instead because it was cheaper and I was thinking that maybe it would already be good for me since I'm not really fond of taking indoor photos. But then, the one with f/1.4 was just so inviting. The sales representative was very good with business talk indeed. In the end, it was mom's decision to have the 50mm f/1.4 because I really couldn't choose. I went out of the store all smiles :))
*thanks to Jenny Sevilla by the way for recommending Jessop (camera store) because the first store that we visited was selling this for an extra hundred pounds.

I hope Peter won't mind if I post his photo here. :) This was the very first shot that I took with the new lens.

and to be fair, I'll post mom's photo as well. hehehe! :))

test shots with the aperture at 1.4. I was really amazed that I fully enjoyed the purpose of the "Aperture Priority" camera function. :))

This mushroom dish was so tasty. I wish Pizza Hut would also serve this in the Philippines.
I've been looking for an owl necklace but I found this bracelet with an owl charm. It was 3 for 2 pounds for I bought it. :)
I tried to use a close-up filter on the 50mm just to try it out with a wider aperture but the shots weren't that satisfiying. Too much blurriness is just too painful to look at.
I took this photo without the lights on (with just natural lighting from the room's window) and I was pretty impressed. The pictures were very sharp as well. Just in case you didn't noticed, this room that I'm using here at mom and Peter's home is so PINK. I know my friend, Rhona would love to stay here. :)) Say hello to my Kankuro key chain has long been attached to the camera strap.
See my bracelet? Mom gave her Pandora charm bracelet to me. I'm not really into fancy charms but this one was just so cute.

"Time for the tea party."
Mom bought me this Alice in Wonderland inspired charm necklace from the same shop were I saw the Owl Bracelet earlier. I'll take a better photo of the charms next time. :)
No photo processing done so as to stay true with the essence of these test shots.

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