Guimaras 2012

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My first summer getaway for this year! The Province of Guimaras is a small island near Panay Island. I've been to the island for a dozen of times already but every trip is a different adventure. This year, instead of travelling from Iloilo, we tried commuting from Pulupandan (Negros Occidental, and an hour jeepney ride from Bacolod City) to the far end of Guimaras. I'd say the route was terribly inconvenient but for us who went out on a tight budget, it was an "okay" rather than spending extra bucks for the ferry to Iloilo.

The last time I went to Guimaras was sometime in 2011 when I went with my cousin to Guisi. This year the group decided to visit Alubihod. It is probably the most overrated place in the island. No kidding. People would sometimes think that it's the only beach to visit since Raymen's is the most popular resort in the area. But because most of us wanted to go island hopping, we chose to stay there.

I almost forgot how clean and clear the water was!!

photos from our island hopping

We stopped on this island to eat lunch and there was this old ruined house.
Ang ganda sana mag shoot dito, as in.
Our view from where we were eating:

We went snorkling on the island but got freaked out by the corals. they were spongy and very much alive! we found some jelly fish as well :( so we transfered to a different island.

 We then stopped by the Turtle Island. They have this 3-year-old female Pawikan that weights 15 kgs! She was so beautiful but it was quite sad that she wasn't living in her own natural habitat.

We passed by this small cave inside a rock formation that was too small to be called an island. and yes, we went inside!

 the view from the other end of the entrance. inside the cave:
those small black dots are actually bats!

we then passed by small islands with resort cottages by the beach and on cliffs. <3

we then finally anchored on this small islet / rock formation and took the plunge. instead of swimming we used life vests because of the corals (trust me, they're really freaky to step on and some are too hard and could cut your foot) and just relaxed under the bright sunlight - and had a great time joking around.

here's a decent photo that I have with the group! Though 3 of us aren't here including CJ who took the photo. *the pains of being the one with the camera: I don't have that much photos of myself.

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