KeeshxBan Outtakes

10:28 PM

A few photos that I took before and after the funshoot. We met at Keisha's so she could do Ban's make-up and stuff. Silly me, I sort of misinterpreted the direction to Keisha's place so... :)) Anyway, Keesh gave this cute headband and a Hello-Kitty-shaped bracelet!!! Thanks again, Keesh! :*

Her laptop was full of stickaaarsss!!

Keesh doing Ban's make-up. she was also giving us tips on how to do it, what it's for, etc.

this one's blurred but just so you can tell how tall they are / how small I am.

blurred Banster.

We then went to McDo for snacks :)
Photo by Keesh

We then played with Keesh' lipsticks!
(photos by Ban)

Mac x silly bands!!!

She then let me try the purplish/periwinkle one. I look awkward here :|

Then Keesh took a photo of me. I smiled like a kid. :))
Hello almost-there-ombre-hair!

Ban took photos of Keesh but we forgot to take a photos of him :( 

Oh hello Ban's double chin! :)) Pati Ban ah :*

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  1. lol I look like a douche sa last picture. I probably am

  2. how does that make you look like a douche? meh.


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