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10:34 PM

I've been wanting to start blogging again but just when I have the mojo to do things, words escape me. Writer's block. I've been suffering it that if I work as a writer for a living, I'd be starving to death right now. No, I'd be on a hospital bed, in deep coma while inside my head I'm tripping Alice in Wonderland. So many adventures, beautiful ideas, but all inside my head. In the physical world I'm in front of my computer looking at that small indicator/point disappear and reappear. Tick tock, tick tock. Nothing. I begin to type but it doesn't really go beyond a single word. Then a small light bulb (figuratively speaking) lights up and I thought, why not install a journal-ling app in my phone? I have it with me most of the time so why not use it to jot down thoughts when I actually think of one like this one time when I was in the toilet, I had a paragraph mentally written inside my mind but when it was time to type them down, they're all gone. By the time I would have completed this post, it must have cost me a week or two. I can't tell. So I'll just save this one before I forget everything again. But then yes, I want to start blogging again! 

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