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2:17 AM

Cosplay shoot with Hitsuzen Inc. Bacolod. 

Cosplayers, you know that rules. You can repost the photos to your own blog but please credit or link back to this blog. :) No further edits/color alterations, please. Thank you! :)

Special message to Kai. I've been wanting to tell you this personally but I'm not sure when I'll be able to work or if it's even possible for me to work with you again and since I can't keep this any longer, I'm going to say this to you, here in my blog, now. I was offended with how you acted during the shoot. You bitching to me about your hair, demanding further photos saying that I should take it in an angle to make you look like a girl, was very unprofessional. Honestly, if Ban wasn't there, I could have shoved your face in the gutter. No offense because you were really that annoying. You are the worst person I've worked with. Even during the One Piece shoot where you cosplayed Luffy, I had a hard time with you - and during the Matsuri event last December. Next time, do your own research. Please don't give the photographer the problem to direct you on how you should pose or what because I may not have the idea of who you're portraying but you should. Because of you, I wasn't able to take proper photos of the other cosplayers. Not even ample time to take photos of the main character. I don't know why you were acting like a diva but seriously, you've got to work out with how you deal with other people. There are things that photoshop, camera angles, not even lighting can do for you and that is to conceal your attitude. I'm sorry if you may find this mean but you just annoyed the hell out of me. Maybe you just have to hear this from me the hard way. 

PS: I will like or comment on FB photos if I want to.

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  1. that's the problem with crossdressing, note and rule: girls crossplaying (turning into a boy) = awesome, boys crossplaying (trying hard to be a girl) = comedy, failure, gayer!

  2. We are professional photographers, not a point and shoot ones. I have worked with so many people already and I guess you don't have the right to command nor demand what we need to do. With all due respect, KL and I were not being paid at it. It was all for love and help with your group and of course to mention, because of Von 'coz he's our closest. We aren't anime fans ourselves and we admit that we don't have ideas at times with your character. That's why I was saying, "Go, play your character"!

    If you know the word RESPECT and PROFESSIONALISM, do mind to think about it!

    I am talking in behalf of KL too, 'coz she was the one who is in charge of the portrait shots and had a hard time dealing with you! Good thing you just post few shots with me and corrected some of it too. Well, I am too open with it anyway so I don't bother.

    So please! Next time learn to treat us what we deserve. GOT ME???

  3. Kai,

  4. @Mei, I don't have a problem with him crossplaying. Just that, why does he have to demand things that are beyond my concern? Like, if he have problems with his wig or what, why does he have to bitch to me about it, why can't he just fix it himself? Btw, who are you? I need a legit link :)

  5. Nang Jaw, grabe ka man, I'm not boasting that my camera is more expensive than his... just that, indi ya lang ko bala tani pagpa-agyan sng pagkadiva ya bala aw.

    Indi man lang ikaw Kai ang cosplayer nga ara to mo. Si tintin wala ko gd na picturan. Si Kevin, si Paolo, si Mac, wala ko ka chakto nga picture sa ila. Ang pic da ni Paolo, outtake na, ang kay Kevin kay Jaw na xa gpapic and ang pic ni Mac nga solo, test shot pa na mau lang nami! Gusto mo ipost q pa Kai tanan mo na pics para makita mo ang difference? WALA. Mas damo pa pics mo d sa memory card ko kaysa sa main character niyo! Lihog lang ko ah.

  6. awww...nice set k...PRO NA PRO NAGD YA!

  7. It's about time that somebody gave this fag a reality check. I've been hearing about this mean dude from a lot of people. Frankly, I don't hate gays but this jerk gives homosexuals a bad name. This kid is grand example of what we call a sociopath. You manipulate and exploit other people for your own self-centered egotistic and deluded delusion of grandeur. You may think like your the coolest cosplayer in Bacolod but in reality your just an insignificant gnat. Ive worked with KL in the past, and she doesn't deserve to be treated with haughtiness. You are a boorish uncouth and ill-mannered psycho. A piece of advice to everyone. Get this person out of your lives. Don't be afraid to burn bridges. Especially when that bridge is a rickety deathtrap called Edward Angelo Amparado. Better yet known as Kai Raito.

  8. Thanks Rhon! Finally a comment that has nothing to do with my rant. hehehe! :*

  9. @Tan Jovovich. weird because I told Kai not to give others a reason to "burn their bridges" with him. I hope I've made a step for others to voice out their concerns. AND I'm also hoping that Kai got my point CORRECTLY. It's so hard to work with someone when inside your mind, you're stabbing that person to death. You guys seriously need to talk to each other as a group.

    PS: I know who you are Tan.


  11. Nong Von! Thanks man nong for having me as one of your photographers though my mom is insisting na dapat next time may fee na daw after what happened. :))

  12. Oh wow, so much dramu :)) That's the cosplay community for you. Anyway, lovely photos! :)

  13. Hi China! thankfully, the issue was already resolved. :) thanks! :)


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