Kimi Ni Todoke I

12:38 AM

Shot a Kimi Ni Todoke Cosplay earlier with Mark Tumbagahan and Lisl Ubas. I haven't seen the anime series and haven't been to the location before so I wasn't that confident with how the project would go. But thanks to our friend Yumi because she helped us around their subdivision so we had the best places to shoot at. Mac and Lisl wasn't that difficult to work with at all. The were both so cute! so kawaii! So despite all my doubts about this project, I'm so happy that everything went well.

I always have this thing about shooting cosplays. Unlike casual portraiture, I find it very challenging. I would say that a good photo really depends on how the artist portraits the character. It's a tricky job and not a thing that anyone could just do.

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